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November 10, 2008



When I was married, we would often use Wegmans as the place for our "date night," usually on the Fridays that we got paid since that was the only time we ever had "extra" money! We'd get our dinners from the sushi bar or Chinese food buffet or pizza line or sub line and go upstairs to eat. It was a nice way to spend an evening together. Then we'd go grocery shopping afterward. Better to shop on a full stomach!

Kim Lilly

Well it looked like everyone was having a great time Tracey. I will suggest it to all my single friends. Way to go to the Wegman family for turning their store into a "meeting" joint.


I don't usually go to Wegmans on weekends, especially Saturday night but I can imagine it gets busy because it's such a cool place! My friend and I often meet on weeknights at Wegmans and sit in the cafe, drink coffee and talk about life. We always stop in the card section and buy funny cards (regardless if we actually need any). We are both engaged so we also drift to the magazine section for the latest bridal magazine!

I <3 Wegmans.

Kim Lilly

Wegmans is a great meeting place Kendall. I used to have my marketing team meetings there each week. It was nice to escape the office. Now, unfortunately with the new office space, we actually have room to meet here! Bummer.


Go Kendall!!! Keep buying those funny cards. (Disclaimer: my husband sells some of those funny cards)
Actually, Don loves his Wegmans accounts because they have WiFi access. He'll grab lunch and get caught up on e-mails, etc. I've heard the 3 Lehigh Valley Wegmans are really popular with the late night college crowd, too.

Greg Stahley

Wegmans rules! Perhaps that is why my wife enjoys shopping there so much! Truthfully, Wegmans is a great place to have casual business meetings. It's relaxing, comfortable and convenient. Although I just hope that the deli area doesn't become a "meat market" on Saturday nights....I know, that was a bad joke.

Kim Lilly

Greg, if I were you, I would be keeping a close eye on the wife if she goes wants to go "shopping"
on a Saturday night!

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