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October 21, 2008



Jenny, Jenny, only had the best female time because I was out of town that day. I used to have a go-cart and would love to challenge your record!

Kim Lilly

I'm up for the challenge ... but you have to pay for the race!

Joyce Marin

Do I sense a girls' go-kart league about to happen? Count me in!

Lehigh Grand Prix is the best adrenaline rush in the Lehigh Valley! It's great fun any time you want to shake up your day. And, with the holidays approaching, as we plan interesting things to do with visitors, in my experience it's been a hit with teenagers, 20 somethings and every out of town visitor I've taken there.


I just came across this, another person's experience at LV Grand Prix:

kart racer

I never knew there was a place like that in the lehigh valley. I may have to try it out sometime, I use to race my own karts, but I don't really have time or money to do that now. That place looks pretty nice.

Kart Racing is definitely fun though =)


Thanks for the comment, Kart Racer. FYI: They're having a big event July 11 & 12 with RACE SPECIALS, so that might be a good time to try 'em out - Maybe I'll see you there?

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