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October 20, 2008



Ok, to Justin's friends out there...who has video of our J-Bro dancing? I'd LOVE to see that!


Ok ok I love weddings and don't know many men that do ... and especailly ones that like to dance! How lucky your girlfriend is! My guy likes to dance too...he has a special dance called the pocket dance, very catchy. He also loves to dance to shout and does the worm..Top that Justin! I have been to the meat market at one time or another and it is so much fun to people watch, fun place!


Way to go Jay! Tearing up the dance floor - and now the internet!


Jay--I made one of these accounts just so I could comment on your blog. I'm so proud that you danced at the wedding--are Casey's toes still intact? :)


Weddings! Dancing! Food! Oh my! Sounds like a good time.


The world takes a collective sigh of relief - finally the LVCVB blog is here!


obviously someone cleaned up your post. with a temple education i know you can't complete a sentence. :)


The dancing machine! I'm sure the boys at Temple would have love to seen JayBo doing the Cha Cha Slide.....


Neusse Photography LLC

I LOVE Weddings! To me (as a wedding photographer), I enjoyed every moment of it - beautiful people, happy hours and wonderful time with family & friends. Sounds like Justin had a good time!
~Agnes of Neusse Photography LLC

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