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December 23, 2008



Geakers Tacos in Bethlehem Township- Im not into eating at big expensive places,So when my family goes out to eat we love Geakers.The Soft Tacos are amazing, just like Sapada's used to have,but better. Im trying to make it through all 57 milkshakes they have. Can't beat feeding the family for 20 bucks!

Kim Lilly

A taco joint that serves milkshakes?! Sounds like the perfect place for my boyfriend (for the tacos) and me (for the milkshakes) to go.

Have you tried Cali Burrito on Hamilton Blvd/Cedar Crest?


The family and I tried out Cali Burritos this past weekend. Best Burritos in Lehigh Valley!

Kim Lilly

I couldn’t agree with you more!


Actually Cali burrito has nothing compared to Geakers Tacos, Cali was pretty good but Geakers is awesome. You need to try it seriously. Check out the site


Bob, since you mentioned Geakers Tacos is better than Cali Burrito, I might just have to try it! I went to their website ( and saw some interesting things on the menu! Sounds like the first time I go I should try the tacos, but the taco burger and taco dog sound interesting too.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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