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January 12, 2009



I've always been fond of the big burgers at Red Robins. I like how they "diaper" them so that they don't drip all over the place.

My very favorite is their Whiskey River BBQ Burger. The onion straws, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce make it. Still messy, but oh so good. I get it just about every time I go. And I love to sprinkle their special seasoning on the fries.


I'm totally saving this post forever and everytime I want to go there I will read it. Hopefully, the calorie count will help me make a healthy decision, but sometimes you need a 5 Guys fix!!! My favorite part of going to 5 Guys is when you walk in the front door and slide up to the counter because of the peanut oil that coats the place. That being said, I would agree with Jared that it is my favorite new burger in the area with the Werts Burger coming in a close second!!!


I don't know if I ever ordered a burger from Red Robins before Tracey, but I will say their fries are very good with that special seasoning. I usually order the salads when I go there though. They are enormous! I will have to try one of the burgers and put it to the test.

Michael Stershic


My favorite has been the burgers at the Tally Ho in South Bethlehem - thick, juicy and flavorful. I'm partial to their cheeseburger with fried onions. Werts is a close second for me too.


Yea Megan, those calories will get you every time! But they are ohh so good. Werts is a close second, I agree. And their onion rings are awesome too!

Kim Lilly

It's been YEARS since I've been to Red Robin, but I seem to remember that their turkey croissant sandwich was always very, very yummy.


I haven't tried the burgers at the Tally Ho before. I am adding it to the list of places to try. Werts is a second for me as well! But, as I replied to Megan, their onion rings top the list!


Kim & Megan,
I love the Wert's burger. I had one for the first time recently and now when I go out to eat I dream of that burger!
I haven't been to 5 Guys and after reading this I'm not sure that I want to experience it.


Without a doubt, Wert's makes my favorite burger of all time.

As for the elliptical damage - I would guess 90 min. to 2 hours to burn off that Five Guys meal!


Well Sarina, I think Wert's has won the consensus! I usually order the fish there and every once in a while I'll do the onion rings, but next time it will have to be the burger. And, I am thinking at least 2 hours on the elliptical to burn that off!

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