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March 31, 2009



It's amazing how much Justin enjoyed his sister's show considering he was torn away from the Villanova/Duke game to attend. It proves that there is a little culture in even the most fanatical of March Mad"hatters!" I heartily "second" his endorsement of the Freddys as a great promoter of area high school theatre and student participants. The awards show has become one of the most highly anticipated events on the Lehigh Valley calendar. The State Theatre staff and supporters deserve mountains of praise each year!


I've watched it almost every year, live or rerun. It's obvious that he kids are having the time of their lives. Bravo, State Theater! If only my alma mater would participate...(hint - Nazareth - hint)


Frank Anonia did a bang up job. I have 7 Freddy Videos on my YouTube site.

My Freddy Awards Show Video Clips:

BTW: Supposedly Freddy Awards are going national this year! Final competition will be held at Broadway’s Palace Theatre on June 1, 2009. At least that what was posted on their site last July. I don't see nothing about it now. Maybe fell through?


I would like to say something.
I go to whitehall.
My name is Justin Doncsecz and I met 'E' a couple times.
This year for the freddy awards we received one nomination.
And you know what. What the Freddy awards do to our hard work and appreciation for our show, is annihilate it. We try so hard. We dedicate time. SO MUCH TIME into our shows and we receive no appreciation. And i know it's because we were overlooked. After Scarlet Pimpernel, which i won a freddy award in, it all went down hill for Whitehall. But i'm not talking about just whitehall. You know what the freddy awards do to everyone who wasn't given nearly enough appreciation as they deserve? They kill their morality. It's what we look forward to at the end of the year. I know how it feels to win and it feels good. All i'm saying is, people should really think about awarding schools 13 nominations. Other schools have 1 or none, and you know what they think? that their show wasn't good, that they wasted their time. And i KNOW our show was good. But because the Freddy Awards gave us one measly nomination. It was practically saying to us. "You suck." They give us this schpeal every year. Every school was good. Well if every school WERE good, then everyone should get nominations.
I've been in Fourteen shows and the only appreciation i have received was from being in a show with Joel Dommel and Frank Anonia. After they left, as i said, it all went downhill.
13 nominations? They don't need that many.
This should be about love of theatre. And what it is right now, is a competition.

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