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April 06, 2009


Bobby Michener

Excellent post. Peeps Rule!


Bobby, I agree that Peeps rule, but I am beginning to think they may rule our world one day if the fascination craze continues! LOL. Thanks for the kudos on the post.


Oh, how funny - thanks for the link! We had so much we're thinking of making sequels.


No problem Anne! Keep up the Peep "research" ... I mean fun!


Ok, that last video...the dancing peeps, was hysterical! Can you imagine how long it takes to shoot that in time with the music? I'm sure back when Peeps were first "born" (pun intended) they had no idea what a cult following they would have. GO PEEPS!!!


Nancy, I also commend Peeps for creating such an incredible brand for themselves. I wonder what the next candy product craze will be?


I'm glad that Peeps will follow me even if I move!

I'm not really a Star Wars fan but the "Peep Wars" video was so silly it was funny!


Kendall, I am afraid that Peeps will be around a long time and I think "peeps" will be doing wierd things with them just as long!

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